Forget about Maputo’s road traffic and heat. There is a magical spot  – not far away – where the umbrellas are waiting to cast their shade on your sandy toes. It’s a point called Macaneta and we’ll take you there.

We’ll pick you up at 08:00 and depart Maputo. Depending on traffic and road conditions, we’ll either go via the tarred EN-1 or we might take the” back road”, which goes along Costa do Sol.

Xefina Island

Would you like a day’s getaway to an island located just 2.49 miles away from the shores of Maputo? If you are a group traveling together in Maputo, don’t miss out on this highlight. Xefina Grande is only 30 minutes from Maputo. Enjoy fantastic views of Maputo while you swim in crystal clear waters no longer available on the city’s beaches.

Xefina Islanda
Inhanca Islanda

Inhaca Island

Why not drop in on an Island or two during your stay in Maputo? Ideal for a day’s escape from busy Maputo, Inhaca Island is just 18.64 miles east of the capital city across the Bay of Maputo. Do take your sun screen and a hat! Wear sandals, because you will wade the last few meters from the boat to the Beach of Inhaca Island.

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